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Dr. Weill has been treating my cats for many years. I could write pages and pages of stories from over the years but I will keep it short and sweet. He is an exceptional vet, an excellent diagnostician and a very compassionate individual . He doesn't take issues and symptoms at face value- he always checks " under the hood ". He explains treatments and gives you options , you feel a part of the treatment process. I trust he and his wonderful assistant Nona implicitly with my animals...always have and I always will! – Karen Baker, Google Review

I would give Dr. Weill and Milford Veterinary Services 10 stars if I could. Dr. Weill is a compassionate, caring, professional veterinarian. He has cared for our pets veterinary needs since 1997 when we adopted our first rescue. I noticed he was also the vet that took care of the rescues at our local shelter. Our choice for Milford Veterinary Services was based on the offices easy to find location and that he was praised by the local shelter as a great veterinarian. Over the many years since we have rescued many pets. Those pets had many health issues which rescues can many times present with. One dog in particular had issues that required some investigation to determine the best course of care. Dr. Weill spent the time necessary to determine our dogs best course of treatment. Additionally, many times over the years he gave us the option, when feasible, to use a natural approach (non pharmaceutical) to help heal our pets. It saved us on purchasing prescription medications and was a healthier option to treat our pet's issue which we appreciate. Over the years he's proven to be an outstanding advocate for healthy pets and outstanding pet careI believe that Dr. Weill is the best choice for your pets care and the office staff is super! – Cheryl Blair, Google Review

For the past 28 years, I've entrusted the care and love of all my dogs to Dr. Stan Weill, Nona, and all his staff at Milford Veterinary Services. I highly recommend that everyone do the same. Dr. Weill's tireless approach to wellness, and the care of his patients, in addition to when more than a check-up is needed, is unsurpassed. He seamlessly integrates traditional aspects of treatment with naturopathic protocols very effectively. He leaves no stone unturned in his path to a correct diagnosis. When unavoidable surgery is required, Dr. Weill is, by far, the best veterinarian to perform the needed procedures. But it does not end there. Dr. Weill's insistence of a strict follow-up, post-op, immeasurably helps complete the healing process. Nona, his peerless assistant, does nothing short of a fabulous job of making sure a patient's owner is completely aware of, and understanding of everything that needs to be done on the homefront. I've been the proud owner of four Maltese, and a Shepherd/Collie mix over the years, all having their own medical issues that needed to be addressed. Dr. Weill just knows what to do each and every time, to get them back on the road to health and a long life. I can tell you with total confidence that Dr. Weill and his staff's attention is to detail, a factor that other services may overlook, and is met with many years experience. Trust your loving pets to Milford Veterinary Services. I can assure you, you will not regret it. – Fred Scerbo Jr., Google Review

My family and I have been going here for years, and we love it! The service and care at this vet is like no other. A few years ago my dog suddenly started acting strange - very tired, quiet, and sluggish. He wouldn’t eat or drink anything. Although it seemed very mysterious as to how my dog became sick, Dr. Weill made sure not to overlook any possibilities for the causes of the sickness. Dr. Weill did what he could to keep my dog alive and well as fast as he possibly could. And thankfully, with the right regiment and medications my dog was back to his happy and healthy self! We don’t know what we would do without him. This is definitely a place I recommend and have recommended time and time again. – Carmina Palustre, Google Review

If you are looking for the very best care for the furriest member of your family, Milford Veterinary Services is the place. Dr. Stan has cared for our bevy of special needs rescues for nearly three decades and I cannot recommend him more highly. Not only was he able to revive our 14 year old Maine Coon mix from the brink of death following a coyote attack (he thrived for another 6 years, making it to the ripe old age of 20), but he tirelessly tended to our deaf, hemophiliac, epileptic Dalmatian for 16 beautiful years. He is an outstanding clinician and alongside his amazing administrator, Nona, I am sure that our animals receive the very best care in the state. – Deb Chasen, Google Review

Been doing business with Dr Weill for over 20 years. He is caring, highly educated and is excellent in his field. THE BEST!!!! – Patricia Levine, Google Review